Jennifer Brown, MSc., RD, CBE

I'm passionate about changing professional education, public perceptions and our healthcare system’s approach to how we understand and talk about weight, nutrition and health.

Hey There!

I'm Jennifer Brown, a registered dietitian and advocate for changing the narrative about how we understand, talk and think about weight science. I struggled for years trying to support clients that were obsessed with losing weight, blaming themselves for not eating 'the-right-foods', and constantly looking for diets or ways to keep the weight off. I've spent over 15 years exploring the complexity of weight and appetite regulation to help clients understand the science behind weight changes and eating behaviours. I found that when clients understand 'the WHY' behind weight science, they stop blaming themselves and can focus on health outcomes and behaviours that move beyond weight-specific goals.

Topics I teach to clients:

  • Physiology behind weight and appetite

  • Impact of weight stigma and discrimination

  • How dieting or weight cycling affects the body

  • Appetite hormones: ghrelin, leptin, GLP-1, PPY, CCK, insulin, etc.

  • Gut microbiota

  • Food reward

  • Centres of the brain the control weight and eating behaviours

  • How to stop using the scale or weight goals

By translating the science of weight in a way that clients can understand HOW and WHY the body work, I've found that clients were empowered to focus on outcomes beyond weight loss or weight numbers.

As a busy healthcare provider, you may not have the time, energy or interest to review all the science and up-to-date information that has changed how we understand and view weight or health. That's why I created "Health not Weight"; a program that not only provides you with the information about weight science, but HOW to use it in one-to-one or group sessions with your clients. I'll walk you through all the evidence, controversies, resources and most importantly, step-by-step tools you can use with clients to support their journey and goals.



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